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I’ve practiced Graphic Design and Visual Communication for over 15 years in various capacities. My specialisms within graphic design are page composition for print and screenmotion graphics (2D & 3D) and corporate identity creation and development – In recent years I’ve broadened this to include development of virtual and augmented reality assets and environments.

As a graphics professional I take the greatest of pride not only in the quality and usability of projects I have been part of, but also in the process. A key factor in all of my creative output is considering how effectively it will achieve the desired results for the client. How accessible, appropriate and usable will it be for the target demographic? Throughout my career I have learned the importance of adapting and tailoring my output to reflect the needs and capture the imagination of specific or multiple demographics.
Having a very broad spectrum of skills and software knowledge has enabled me to think outside the box creatively. Furthermore, I’m comfortable in blending and bridging between design methods and combining elements from very different disciplines often means I can achieve results which are bold and stand out from the crowd. Having said this, I am also well versed in designing within strict guidelines and have a great eye for detail and functionality while always striving to bring great ideas, innovation and creativity to the table.

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This is my amended version of the ENS logo which they asked me to design to reflect their commitment to a greener future. It was showcased during the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), which was held in Glasgow at the end of 2021. ENS Group provide POS solutions in over 40 countries worldwide.

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(Please make sure your sound is ON to view the animated ident below!)



I was asked to design a ten second animation of the ENS logo for use in all of their international presentations. I created the motion graphics for this Ident using Adobe CC, Element 3D and Autodesk Maya software. The sound treatment (also designed by me) is equally important as the graphic element and really pulls everything together. For example, the four ‘beeps’ signify the noise heard when a customer inputs their PIN number at a point of sales card reader. Software used for the audio design was Adobe Audition in conjunction with Avid Pro Tools.

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visual communication - corporate identity - logo
Graphic Design by Caoimhin Watts

This is the corporate identity I designed for the Scottish Shale website. It represents different levels or strata within the earth. The orange part represents a hidden shale seam. It is complementary to the colour scheme and typeface used throughout the website. The top design is used for advertising or as a watermark found throughout the website. The bottom design is set within the header banner of the website. An elegant logo design which really compliments the overall feel of the Scottish Shale learning resource which I’m confident will stand the test of time. It’s been really well received and is widely used.


Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.


The above animation of the Scottish Shale logo is meant for use on the various social media platforms associated with the Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry. The circular design fits well as a profile picture on modern social media platforms. The above animation is a loop of the original. It was designed to rotate once every 15 seconds on social media platforms so as not to take the eye away from content .

Motion graphics are often very complicated to produce, and this was no exception! Once I designed the 2D logo, I imported it into a 3D environment within Autodesk Maya. I also set up virtual cameras and several spot lights, ambient lighting and a backdrop. After this I created a sphere which exactly matched the dimensions of the imported 2D logo when viewed through the camera viewfinder. My next step was to project the logo onto the sphere and cut through it. This is how I achieved the 3D effect as the sphere rotates – I think it’s a really great alternative to the usual 3D rotation you see so often in animated logos.

There were many other steps involved in this process but I think I’d bore you to tears with the whole laborious process, so I’ll leave it at that! I absolutely think the time spent was worth it! It’s a great example of thinking ‘outside the box’…or in this case, ‘inside the sphere’!

I also spent 2 years designing and creating content for the Scottish Shale website under the direction of Dr. Robin Chesters (Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry), and working closely with LevelUp Agency


 Abobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects.

Animated Logo Design © 2021 CAOIMHIN WATTS
Press the fingerprint below to see more designs I created for the Scottish Shale project. (These examples open in a new browser window, so remember to come back here and pick up where you left off. There’s lots more examples of work I’ve done for other projects still to come on this page!)
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This first example is a logo I designed for Brendan Doherty Music. It is based on the initials of the client’s name and visualised using musical symbols. The musical symbol used to show a flat note represents the ‘b’, and a Crotchet represents the ‘d’. I was also involved in designing the website for this company (see link above). Software used: Adobe Illustrator.

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Here’s my logo design for a Scottish-based community inclusion project. I designed this logo to have a contemporary style. I wanted it to simply and clearly communicate a message of social inclusion. It is a stylized representation of people of different ethnic backgrounds (the 3 different coloured circles) being embraced (arms around the shoulders). The colours are based upon the colours of the thistle, but also reflect the vibrant diversity we celebrate in Scotland. Software used: Adobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop.

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  • Graphic-Design-1st-carousel-PRINT-1
  • Graphic-Design-1st-carousel-PRINT-2
  • Graphic-Design-1st-carousel-PRINT-3
  • Graphic-Design-1st-carousel-PRINT-4
  • Graphic-Design-1st-carousel-PRINT-5


Product Design - Page Design

Digipak design for one of the contributing artists at Tailor Made Irish Music Tours. This was officially released at the final marketing event in North America in conjunction with the website going live.

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Above is a 3D product visualisation I created for Tailor Made Irish Music Tours. Used as a marketing asset on their website and in online marketing material. Software used: Adobe CC, Autodesk Maya.

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  • Menu Design (Front & Back)
  • Menu Design - (Inside Spread)
  • Menu Design Product Visualisation 1
  • Menu Design - Product Visualisation 2
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  • Restaurant Menu Front/Back
  • Restaurant Menu Inside
  • Restaurant Menu Product Visualisation 1
  • Restaurant Menu Product Visualisation (Inside)

Some years ago I worked as a freelance graphic designer for ‘The Colour Menu’. Above are a few examples of work I produced for them. During this time I designed many assets for their clients including menus, posters, flyers, business cards and a host of other marketing materials. It was a very fast paced environment (often juggling multiple projects to tight deadlines) and really honed my skills in page design as well as in time management and stock acquisition. Software used: Adobe InDesign.

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  • NGC 2019 Prospectus Page Design (Front Cover)
  • NGC 2019 Prospectus Page Design (Inside Spread example))

This is an exert for a page design and styling proposal I put forward for the 2019 New College Lanarkshire prospectus. Below is an animated gif I created based upon their logo and to be used in online marketing material. Software used: Adobe CC including InDesign, AE as well as Autodesk Maya.

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Use the slider on the images below to compare ‘before’ and ‘after’ digital restoration.

Above is one example of restoration I undertook for the Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil Industry. During lockdown I was trusted to take away boxes of one of a kind, accessioned objects from the museum archive. These were to be scanned, logged and prepared for print. Reduced size, optimised versions were also to be created for use in the Scottish Shale website. Some of these objects (glass negatives, postcards, documents and photographs) were damaged. Rather than losing these items, I took it upon myself to digitally restore them to their former glory. This is just one example of hundreds which I restored or enhanced over several months. 

I began the process by scanning and importing these into Adobe Photoshop. Here I removed creases, reflections and corrected damaged areas. I also used Photoshop for basic colour/tone correction. However, my ‘go to’ software for bringing new life to images was Adobe Lightroom. It is such a great tool to bring out details lost to time. You can view more examples of digital restoration which I’ve undertaken on the ‘Photography‘ page of this site. I would also highly recommend a visit to the Scottish Shale website which is vast, extremely well researched and so interesting.

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I would like to thank Caoimhin for our excellent custom designed wine labels for our export business. I had seen a design that he had previously created and was very impressed, so I shared my ideas with Caoimhin and within a few days proof was sent over. Speed, design, value and communication all get 5 stars!!! I will definitely be using Caoimhin again for our future projects. Thank you!


Director – ANNA ASIA Export

We wanted to animate our new brand logo for marketing purposes and Caoimhin Watts delivered with a dynamic and eye-catching animated ident design.

Great work.


General Manager ENS Group (UK)

Absolute pleasure working with Caoimhin; highly professional and captured my ideas perfectly from a short brief. Delivered a high quality result and was so helpful in providing notes throughout the process, redrafting to finalise, and supplied different file formats. Kept me well informed on design stages, timings and costs. Couldn’t have asked for anything more. Wonderful service and highly recommend.


Managing Director

ALBA Education & Travel

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If you are interested in finding out more about pricing and availability then please email me: contact@watts.scot