Format Visualisation for Digipak

My design for a digipak album by one of the contributing artists associated with Tailor Made Irish Music Tours. This was officially released at the final marketing event in North America in conjunction with the website going live.

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Digipak design

For Brendan Doherty (contributing artist). Printed in N. America. Printed on a matt stock. Album design, typography and page layout by Caoimhin Watts. A professional photographer (Jenny Stevenson) was hired to conduct a photo shoot with the artist, so I had to liaise with 3 different partners for this brief.


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A5 single-sided marketing leaflet

Used at various marketing events in North America and Rep. of Ireland. Glossy finish. I used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to produce this and other promo materials for the company.


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Home Page for Tailor Made website

I built this website primarily using File Transfer Protocol, with Adobe Dreamweaver and FileZilla. Careful planning and page design ensured it would be legible and usable on any device. It also takes into account audio/visual limitations of Apple/Windows devices and utilizes appropriate embedded video and animated gifs which can be viewed on both types of device.

The website has a clean sharp style and features social media/email/print options at the top of the page. I created the personalised, rotating email/contact bar which functions as a contact button when pressed by the user. The site has 4 pages and so is easy to navigate. Most of the pages feature a gallery style automated series of pictures which occupy the same space on the site and fade between different images. All buttons/links on the pages are roll over images. The same style/page layout runs throughout the site. The Music page features embedded Sound Cloud digital music from contributing artists and offers links to purchase material. The Itinerary/Home pages both feature embedded branded promotional videos, displaying live music presentations and information relating to what the company offers.

(Below is a screen grab of the header layout for the website. This example is smaller than it is when viewing the website.)


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Animated Company Ident

To be used at the start/finish of all promotional videos/animations. Autodesk Maya, Adobe Creative Suite and Avid Media Composer. Full HD 1920 x 1080px.

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