A series of six black & white, full page (216mm x 140mm) plates and cover design as well as designs for Gregorian chant notation. For publication through Gracewing Press this summer, 2019.

Created in close collaboration with the author (my dad, Dr. John Watts) and typesetter, using source files/stock images/vectors. (Adobe Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop). The imagery depicts the descriptions of God’s creations – ‘Brother Sun’, ‘Sister Moon and Stars’, ‘Brother Wind’, ‘Sister Water’, ‘Brother Fire’ and ‘Sister Mother Earth’. The internal plates were designed in black and white, with brightly coloured versions (created later) surrounding the famous painting of St. Francis by the 13th century painter, Cimabue. The outlines, shape and bordering within the illustrations represent the leading of stained glass windows. The subject of each of the illustrations attempts to faithfully visually represent St. Francis’ descriptions within the poem. (For example, St. Francis describes Sister Water as ‘humble’, – meaning always taking the lowest way. So, it was important to depict water as a meandering stream finding the lowest course to the sea.

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Internal Plates

Brother Sun


Brother Wind


Brother Fire


Sister Moon and Stars


Sister Water


Mother Sister Earth


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