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About This Motion Graphics Show Reel

My motion graphics show reel for 2021 showcases short edits of larger animation and time-based media projects I have undertaken. It is a collection of some of my own work which I feel sheds some light on my skill set in this field (as well as in graphic design more generally). Many of my projects these days are related to logo animation or creating time-based assets for companies around the world. I have also included some 3D character animation, abstract particle-based animation etc. This is in order to showcase my wide skill set to prospective employers. So, If you like what you see, get in touch! I undertook all aspects of these projects – without the help of a team. Skills utilised in the making of these projects include…

3D Modelling/Lighting/Virtual Cameras[Maya & After Effects]/Digital Photography/Texturing/Dynamics/Audio Treatment [Pro Tools & Audition]/Post Production etc etc.

Software Used

Adobe Creative Suite [After Effects + Plugins such as Trapcode, Element 3D, Plexus], Photoshop, Illustrator and Media Encoder. Also, Premiere, Audition, Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer, Autodesk Maya & Mudbox, Lightroom, InDesign, PTGUI ,Topaz Labs Ai .There’s more – with the list of other plug-ins too long to mention here!

Most of the clips used to make my show reel were rendered in this format. However, for some of my older clips I used Ai software to upscale to HD. The clips were edited to an audio track (‘Spirit of  Success’ by Alumo – Licensed from Jamendo Licensing.) using Avid Pro Tools & Media Composer. When I have more time (never), I’ll put a show reel together with a better sound track! I just do not have a minute spare these days!

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